Colorful Belts

Black belts, white belts, pink belts or even neon belts. In our onlineshop your a definitely finding the belt for your rquirements. OoCo the belt with the ultimate wearing comfort.

Choose your colorful belt from our collection – three different sizes:

  • Monster 4.0
  • Street 3.5
  • Elegance 2.0

All OoCo Belts with the ultimate wearing comfort are made of 100% recyclable synthetic material respectively rubber | silicone, are waterproof, metalfree, nickelfree, indestructible, leightweight and trendy.

The brand OoCo perfectly fits every sports, casual and fashion style outfit. In summer as well as in winter.

ooco belts

Colorful fashion belts from OoCo – stylish, useful and trendy – to our  Onlineshop