★  waterproof ★  ultimate wearing comfort
★  metal free and nickel free
★  lenght fitable - cut your lenght
★  lightweight and soft
★  for all sports
★  indesructible ★  temperature resistant
buckle change system (QBCS) ★  UV-resistant
★  antibacterial - sterile
★  machine washable
★  100% recycable 25 belt colors | 30 buckle colors | more than 500          

High quality belt brand with great features

Also famous persons in professional sports love the pros of OoCo brand belts and the ultimate wearing comfort. So for example golf professional and european tour player Martin Wiegele and Lukas Nemecz or Red Bull Cliff Diving World Champion Orlando Duque loves the faeture „metal free“.  No more problems with belts at the airport security.

Because of the innovative material OoCo brand belts are metalfree, nickelfree, waterproof, leightweight, soft and temperature resistant and indesructible.  Reasons why Oliver Stamm – beach volleyball legend or Red Bull BMX Rider Jaden Leeming loves them.

OoCo brand belts - the perfect colorful fashion accessory for surfing, wakeboarding, sailing, kiteboarding, sking, skateboarding, snowboarding or cruising with your boat or yacht and all other fashion and lifestyle lovers.